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Your Dream Home: Ready to Build?

Choosing a homesite involves so many decisions. It's usually not just one characteristic that determines your ultimate decision.

Perhaps you've selected Tryon Equestrian Farms for its convenient location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with easy access north to Asheville or south to balmy coastal weather.

Perhaps you've selected Tryon Equestrian Farms for its close proximity to a world renown equestrian center and amenities.

Others have chosen this gentle sloping landscape for just that - the easy to build large homesites with even easier weather climate in this "thermal belt" that extends that balmy autumn weather for just a few weeks longer. Whether it's privacy, convenience or 'just because,' you're ready for the next step. So, what is that exactly?

Design Guidelines

We encourage you first to learn about our Design Guidelines.

Due to the natural beauty of the land at Tryon Equestrian Farms, the guidelines for design and construction intend to protect and preserve the serenity of the rolling hills and mountain views. They provide sufficient leeway for you to build your custom dream house to suit your lifestyle and desires. Every structure should be stunning, fit your needs and simultaneously appear well-placed.

Submit Your Site Layout

You can download the recorded restrictions and make plans to meet with your architect and builder in order to submit your site layout to the Architectural Review Committee.

Request a Tour, a Getting to Know the Who's Who and What's What Tour

Building a dream home takes a Team. We encourage you to take a detailed planning tour with your Team Billy Taylor agent and of course, your architect and builder. With our local knowledge about the area, the weather and all the resources you'll need to plan, design and build, we can help you fast track the process by being your boots on the ground. We are not just real estate agents. Owner, Billy Taylor, has been involved in creating beautiful developments for years and has a roster of builders and architects. It feels good to secure the right people quickly.

Finally, Celebrate!

After you've made the plans and received approval, it's time to Celebrate! You've joined a private welcoming community within a beautiful landscape ready for new memories in this next chapter.

Tryon Equestrian Farms, Mill Spring, in the Fall
Tryon Equestrian Farms in the Fall


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