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The Equestrian Lifestyle

The primary reason to buy a home site for a custom, luxury home in Tryon Equestrian Farms is your love of horses. You won’t find many other places in the country — let alone in such a beautiful location as Mill Spring, NC — that celebrates the equestrian lifestyle you hold so dear. Not only do you have room to ride, but you have access to top-quality equestrian events and tradespeople.


The nearby Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) holds events year-round, from classes to competitions and from concerts to comedy nights. There are activities for children and for adults, including (click links for more details):

What else is special about this location?

Tryon Equestrian Farms is a new 1,000-acre development  that caters to horse owners. Of the 54 home sites, none are smaller than five acres and you can combine lots to build the perfect lot for you, providing you plenty of space to build and ride, away not only from the rest of the world, but even from your neighbors. You’ll find mountain trails, cool summers and mountain views. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live your dream.

You deserve a mountain escape where the cool summer temperatures refresh you and your horses. You belong to a select community of fellow horse lovers who value luxury and freedom. Your privacy is respected, while your options for living an equestrian lifestyle are expanding in the mountainous landscape of Western North Carolina.


Popular Horse Country

Western North Carolina began with Appalachian settlers, who relied on their animals. As a result, people love their horses here. In addition to all the events at TIEC, you’ll find nearby areas to explore, including:

Come Live Your Dream

At Tryon Equestrian Farms, you’re able to build a custom home that suits your tastes and your needs on a large plot. You’re secluded with your family and animals, and yet the nearest airport is only about a half hour away. Nowhere else offers resources like the TIEC so close to home to help you live your equestrian dreams to the max.

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