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  • What is minimum lot size available?
    The minimum lot size available is 2.6 acres. Lots can be combined to create larger homesites.
  • Is there a mandatory requirement to start building after property purchase?
    There is no requirement to start building UNTIL the owner submits and receives a signed and dated approval from the Architectural Review Committee. For more details about this process, please view our Design Guidelines.
  • Can owners trailer horses and ride the trails without a structure on their property?
    Yes, any owner within the community, can trailer horses and ride the trails whether their house has been started, is under construction or is completed.
  • What is distance to Tryon International Equestrian Center?
    The TIEC is 5 miles away, an 8 minute drive!
  • Where are the closest equestrian medical services?
    Visit our Equestrian Resource map to view local equestrian veterinary and emergency services, feed and seed locations, and more.
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