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Discovering Tryon Equestrian Farms

With rolling green pastureland that extends into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tryon Equestrian Farms is a paradise for horses and their people. The 1,000-acre horse farm development is a tranquil world of its own, yet easy to access from major interstates and international airports. Nearby metropolitan areas include:

  • Asheville. The Blue Ridge Mountain arts capital is 30 minutes by car.

  • Charlotte. North Carolina’s biggest city is 1.5 hours by car.

  • Atlanta. The Southeast’s international city is three hours by car.

Tryon Equestrian Farms’ rural community is ideal for building a home as a permanent residence or a weekend escape from city life. Once you get a taste of this area, you may not want to leave.

What Makes Tryon So Popular with the Equestrian Community?

The Tryon area became an equestrian activity center because of its long history with horse riders. The area features many miles of horse trails with diverse scenery. The small towns in the area have quaint main streets that remind you of a time when horseback was the main mode of transportation.

The Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), located 10 minutes from Tryon Equestrian Farms, is a destination resort for all things horse-related. At TIEC, you find entertainment and events for horse lovers and families, including:

  • Weekly horse show competitions

  • A variety of dining and shopping options

  • Major music festivals

  • Horse-related services

Owning a home at Tryon Equestrian Farms gives you access to all the wonders of the Tryon area that the equestrian community appreciates. From world-class facilities to secluded trails, the county offers everything a horse lover needs.

What Is Tryon Equestrian Farms Like?

The goal of Tryon Equestrian Farms is to create a community with plenty of space for people and their horses to thrive. Each of the sixty-two home sites, from 2.5 acres up to 26 acres, gives you peace and privacy while being close enough to neighbors who share a passion for horses and a luxury mindset.

Tryon Equestrian Farms invites you to build the home of your dreams in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Developers put guidelines in place to ensure that you get the best as they protect the natural landscape and holistic environment of the community with guidelines that you:

  • Respect the natural grading of the topography

  • Create a haven that entices you every time you come home

  • Trust the architects and contractors to build a home that suits you, your family and your horses

  • Expect all the modern amenities and luxuries of a high-end home in the mountains

Tryon Equestrian Farms is a neighborhood of Mill Spring, a rural town of 5,000 people. You find all the necessities you need in Mill Spring, and it makes a great meeting point for coffee or ice cream.

How Is the Climate at Tryon Equestrian Farms?

Tryon Equestrian Farms is fortunate to be located in North Carolina’s thermal belt. The combination of elevation, topography and distance from the coast provides an ideal climate for humans and horses. The weather is milder at Tryon Equestrian Farms than in other parts of the state; seasonal highlights include:

  • Cooler and less humid summers than the coast’s

  • The colors of the leaves changing in fall

  • Warmer and shorter winters than in the rest of the mountain area

  • An explosion of green foliage in the spring

The climate at Tryon Equestrian Farms enables a long growing season that gives horses plenty to graze on. Fewer days of frost means better hoof and digestive health. Its fabulous weather makes any day a perfect day to check out Tryon Equestrian Farms for yourself. Let the team show you around and help you discover your future home site.



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