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The Thermal Belt & Why It’s Great for Humans and Horses

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

What Is the Thermal Belt?

The thermal belt is a region in North Carolina that experiences the phenomenon of weather inversion. This weather pattern typically involves a shorter winter and milder weather, in general. This inversion commonly occurs in both Rutherford and Polk Counties. The southern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains protect this area from colder temperatures.

What does this have to do with the Tryon Equestrian Farms in Mill Spring, NC? Mill Spring, in Polk County, sits inside the thermal belt. Because the land can't be too flat or too mountainous for this weather phenomenon to happen, the Mill Spring area is ideal for humans and horses. The pasture land of the Tryon Equestrian Farms is the perfect place for building your home, raising horses and claiming it as your own.

Why Is the Thermal Belt a Great Place for Horses?

The winters in the thermal belt are less harsh than the weather in the upper elevations. The summers are far less sticky and scorching than the weather on the coast. The temperate weather of the foothills impacts the growing season as well, so the pasture land is richer. Some reasons this area is preferable for horses include:

  • Frost holds off longer and ends earlier, having a positive effect on fruit trees and harvests.

  • Your horses get exposed to frost and freezing less often.

  • A longer growing season produces more vegetation for horses to graze on.

  • The foothills have a gentle, rolling topography that creates ideal pastureland.

  • The moderate weather fosters hoof health.

  • Fewer extreme weather events reduce stress for your horses.

  • Colder weather affects a horse’s digestive health, increasing incidents of colic.

At the Tryon Equestrian Farms, your horses are happier and healthier living within the thermal belt. And when lot sizes start at 2 acres, your horses have lots of room to wander and explore. Plus, your horses don’t have to live in a small paddock that restricts movement because you have room to expand. Due to all these factors, horses tend to be well-behaved and easier to maintain.

Why Is the Thermal Belt a Great Place for Me to Live?

One of the main reasons a thermal belt is a great place for humans to live is its pleasant climate. The area experiences all four seasons! The effects of thermal winds on the weather create other reasons for building a home in Mill Spring. The Tryon Equestrian Farms enjoys 1,000 acres of sloping apple-green pastureland snuggled up to the mountains. The uninterrupted, exquisite beauty of the land calls to you to stay. Other reasons to consider this your new home include:

  • There is a strong sense of community among like-minded neighbors.

  • You still have easy access to the resources of more populated areas.

  • The cost of living is less than in major metropolitan areas.

Still, a significant motivation for building your dream home here is your passion for your horses. This land is a trot away from The Tryon International Equestrian Center. Yet this spot offers you enough privacy and land to satisfy all your needs … and the needs of your four-legged friends.


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