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Transporting Your Horse? We’ve Got You…

Western North Carolina (WNC) is a popular destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the great year-round weather and breathtaking scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a horse owner, you may be looking to rejuvenate your soul while enjoying the equestrian lifestyle, or you may wish to participate in one of the events or activities at the nearby Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Tryon Equestrian Farms and the nearby area is a taste of heaven for all who love horses and an active outdoor lifestyle. When you’re ready to move your horses to their new home alongside your own new luxury home, whether it’s permanent or for a few seasons, call on us to help you with the move — because we’ve got you.

Tryon Equestrian Farms

How Do You Transport Your Horse Safely?

Transporting your horse safely can be done by hiring expert horse transportation, or you can transport your horse yourself if you’re equipped with a truck and horse trailer. If you transport your own horses, have a trailer repair professional examine the trailer and hitch before you travel to be sure they’re safe. Some tips for safe horse transport include:

  • Secure all items in the trailer.

  • Ensure adequate ventilation.

  • Provide access to water.

  • Give the horse room to drop its head.

  • Plan regular breaks along the way.

Before getting on the road, make sure your horse has had a recent vet visit and is up to date on vaccines. Ask your vet whether to give your horse probiotics before the trip to help prevent digestive troubles while traveling.

Photo credit: Equine Express and 4Hooves LAS

Who Offers Horse Transportation to Tryon Farms?

Quality horse transportation services are available both locally and nationally. Some of the most reputable equine transportation services include:

  • Tryon Horse Transportation. This company is based twenty minutes from Tryon International Equestrian Center and provides safe, reliable horse transportation primarily in the Southeastern United States.

  • 4Hooves Large Animal Services (4HLAS). 4HLAS has a highly trained team that provides both local and long-distance transportation including emergency and non-emergency transport. They offer private transport as well as semi-private transportation for two-horse owners that agree to share transport.

  • Equine Express. Nationwide horse transport is offered by this family-owned and operated company that has provided this service for more than 30 years.

Choose a reputable company that’s well-trained and prepared to handle any type of emergency that might arise. Read the reviews posted online and make sure they carry liability insurance.

Can You Transport a Horse Overseas?

Tryon Equestrian International Center & Resort

Horse owners from all over the world travel to WNC to spend time at Tryon International Equestrian Center and Tryon Equestrian Farms. Some travel overseas using services such as The Dutta Corporation, an international horse transport service that provides equine air transport tailored to you and your horse.

Don’t let transportation concerns hold you back from visiting Tryon Equestrian Farms and enjoying all that NC equine living has to offer. Contact us today and let our experts help you plan the transportation of your horses so you can appreciate the spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains while enjoying the horse trails to mountain views and waterfalls.

Photo credit: The Dutta Corporation



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