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So, Your Horse Needs Shoes

Western North Carolina is a magnet for horse lovers, and the Tryon area has a long history as horse country. As a result, the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club and the Tryon International Equestrian Center were established to support all levels of equestrians. Once you get a taste of this area, you may not want to leave.

Now you can live here and raise your beloved horses near Tryon, North Carolina. In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where the scenery is spectacular and the weather is near perfect for horses and humans, you can relax in your home or ride the trails at Tryon Equestrian Farms. This rural community is ideal for building a home as a permanent residence or a vacation escape from city life.

What if My Horse Needs New Shoes?

Obviously, your horse needs professional foot care, for which you should trust a credentialed farrier. A farrier performs several important tasks in caring for your horse, including:

  • Caring for horses’ hooves and feet. Like fingernails, a horse’s hooves are made of keratin and continue to grow. Hooves and the surrounding tissue can be damaged by inflammation or cracking. A farrier is skilled in addressing these and other foot problems.

  • Trimming and balancing hooves. Hooves must be kept trimmed to remove extra keratin. Hooves must also be kept balanced and symmetrical, which prevents problems.

  • Shoeing horses. Greek and Roman horses wore sandals. Today, a farrier attaches steel or aluminum shoes to your horse’s hooves with nails. The farrier uses a small anvil to heat the shoe before attaching it.

Where Do I Find a Farrier Near Tryon?

There are a number of farriers working in the region, including:

  • Tryon Farriers in Columbus, NC. Contact Jack Montgomery, Sr. at 828-899-2380. He’s 10 minutes from Tryon.

  • Donnie Rhymer Farrier in Campobello, SC. Contact Donnie at 864-510-1044. She’s about 15 minutes from Tryon.

  • Danielson Horseshoeing in Bostic, NC. Contact Todd Danielson at 828-817-2817. He’s about 34 minutes from Tryon.

  • Wildways Natural Equine Care in Old Fort, NC. Contact Thomas Willis at 828-273-4643. He’s just over an hour from Tryon.

  • Rockin L Forge & Farrier in Gastonia, NC. Contact Andrew Lewis at 704-718-5800. He’s about one-and-a-half hours from Tryon.

  • Travis Herlocker Corrective Shoeing in Albemarle, NC. Contact Travis at 859-967-9000. He’s more than two hours from Tryon.

  • David Walker Farrier Service in Welcome, NC. Contact David at 336-407-1079 or 336-407-1081. He’s about 2.5 hours from Tryon.

  • Hawkins Farrier in Asheboro, NC. Contact Roger Hawkins at 336-302-5257. He’s about three hours from Tryon.

  • Hunter’s Farrier Service in Madison, NC. Contact James Hunter at 336-707-5356. He’s more than three hours from Tryon.

To learn more about the benefits of living near horse country around Tryon, NC, contact Tryon Equestrian Farms to schedule a tour of the grounds and community. Imagine being able to relax while enjoying the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, knowing your horse’s hooves are in good hands.



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