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Public Trails around Tryon Equestrian Farms

Public trails can be long or short, forest or bridle paths. You may be an avid horseback rider and comfortable forging out on your own. You may prefer the company of family or a small group of friends gathering together to ride. Or you may enjoy the structure and instruction a large group offers. Either way, trail riding is both beneficial and rewarding.

Tryon Equestrian Farms is situated right in horse country. The development has an interconnecting series of bridle paths that will run along the perimeter of the lots throughout the subdivision (the trail easements are designated and recorded on the plats). The countryside around Tryon, NC is ideal for riding. Additionally, several public pathways are open to riders.

Where Are Some Local Public Trails?

Western North Carolina offers a plethora of trails for guided or individual trail riding. These trails lead to gurgling streams or expansive views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mastering trail riding builds your confidence, while delivering benefits for your horse, too. Some of the excellent trail riding venues in the Tryon area include:

[Please note: check information on their respective websites as rates and information may change seasonally and year to year.]

  • Cedar Creek Stables. These family-owned stables are located in nearby Lake Lure. You can contract for an hour trail ride for $55.00 or for an hour and 30 minutes for $75.00. The staff takes good care of the horses they provide. These expansive mountain trails wind around a creek. The maximum weight is 240 pounds for both the horse’s and rider’s safety. No one under seven is permitted to ride on the trail.

  • Riverside Riding Stables. These stables in Rutherford County provide their own horses. Their guided trails are for the more adventurous rider. The age requirement is 14 years old or older, and the weight limit is 250 pounds. The trails are open all year, every day of the week. The first ride is at 10:00 a.m. and the last at 4:00 p.m.. Call for reservations and rates.

  • DuPont State Recreational Forest. This state forest area offers self-guided trails, and you have to bring your horse. The forest is in Henderson and Transylvania Counties. You must have your Coggins papers for your horse, and you can’t ride in prohibited areas, signaled with a crossed-out horse symbol. The areas off-limits include Triple Falls. You need to buddy up with at least one other rider for safety. Horse watering spots are in plain sight. There are parking areas for horse trailers.

  • Biltmore Stable Horse Riding. The Biltmore Estate offers both group and individual guided trail rides. The group rides include up to 10 persons, but everyone has to be at least eight years old. Participating in this experience requires a day pass or annual pass. You mut make reservations at least two days in advance. There are several skill levels and packages available.

  • Foothills Equestrian Nature Center. This facility includes six miles of trails, but it isn’t open to non-members. You must have a Foothills Equestrian Trail Association (FETA) membership. You’re required to display your member card and wear an approved helmet. Visit the FETA website for membership information.

The area has several sites if trail riding is your passion. Many are less than an hour from Tryon. There are numerous self-guided trails in the State and National Parks as well, although they’re farther away. All are well worth the journey, once you’re in Tryon. Come see the homesites at Tryon Equestrian Farms.



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